Sunday, May 25, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

After having ZERO motivation to cook for the past few weeks, I have decided I better get my rear in gear and get it together! We will be leaving for ds#2's graduation from USAF Basic Training on June 3rd, so this menu goes through that day.

Sun~ BBQ brisket, baked beans, mac'n'cheese, texas toast
Mon~ Memorial Day cookout with my family (fish fry with all the fixin's)
Tues~ Pasta toss with basil, grape tomatoes, and feta cheese, garlic bread
Wed~ Open-faced roast beef sandwiches
Thurs~ Turkey, pasta salad, cucumbers (from our garden!!!), texas toast
Fri~ BBQ sandwiches, tater tots
Sat~ Lasagna, cucumber salad, garlic bread
Sun~ whatever leftovers we have
Mon~ out to eat so I have no food in the fridge!

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Friday, May 23, 2008

This month....

The month is almost over.
It has been insanely busy.
We have been playing tee ball and practicing when we're not playing. Lucky for us, ds#3 loves his team. He has made lots of good buddies. But it does make life hectic.
I have had 3 performances this month.
My 7th & 8th grade chorus worked with some Language Arts classes in our school to write the story and compose the music for an OPERA. A middle school version of opera.... no divas with horn helmets on. That was Tuesday night. It was HARD to pull together, but we did it, and it was fine.
My beginning chorus just had their last one today - a Memorial Day concert. Now I feel like I can breathe.


And the school year ends next week.
I am ready for some REST!