Sunday, September 22, 2013

Crazy busy-ness and September's end

We had the first concert of the year last week, and it went off just fine... the favorite piece of the evening was our version of "Clouds" by Zach Sobiech.  If you've never heard it, go here.  You won't be sorry.

And we did eat.  I just forgot to post about it.

So, this week, it's no less busy.
Sunday~ Ham slices or chicken (diner's preference), collard greens, scalloped potatoes
Monday~ Mom has an out-of-town meeting.  Fend For Yourself.
Tuesday~ Mom is out-of-town, followed by Open House for everyone.  We'll probably go out.
Wednesday~ Hubby bowls, but we'll eat at home.  Chicken with mushroom gravy over egg noodles, broccoli.
Thursday~ either sandwiches or breakfast.  We'll see what we feel like. :)
Friday~ WHEW! I'm thinking nachos... tons of cheese, refried beans, salsa, YUM.  And easy.  Yes.
Saturday~ I will be out of town for most of the day, so it may be a rotisserie chicken that I pick up at the store on the way in!

What's your plan?  Share at Menu Plan Monday.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The week-after-sickness menu

Last week, ds#3 was diagnosed with strep and an ear infection, and on Wednesday, hubs FINALLY consented to go to the doc and was told he has bronchitis.  YUCK!  This mama did everything possible to keep from getting sick...and so far, I've succeeded.

That said, I did not cook much of what I had planned last week, simply because my guys didn't feel like eating much.  Hubs did not bowl or go to class as scheduled, and I didn't buy a ham, because we weren't even eating the food I had already made.  There will be lots of repeats in our menu this week. :)

Sunday~ Chicken, green beans, twice-baked potatoes
Monday~ Sandwiches (bowling night)
Tuesday~ Spaghetti, tossed green salad
Wednesday~ Leftovers (hubs bowls)
Thursday~ Breakfast for dinner
Friday~ Beef tenderloin, roasted potatoes, broccoli
Saturday~ TBA

Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day Menu!

We have finished the second week of school (with students) and are enjoying a long weekend.  And strep throat has arrived to help us celebrate.

So... I planned a lovely menu, but we'll have to see what hubs and ds#3 can tolerate.  Everything is subject to change.

Sunday~ Miscellaneous warm items for the throat: chicken noodle soup, cheese grits, hot tea.
Monday~ Planned burgers, baked beans, and cheese and cracker salad (a favorite family recipe).  Not sure if they're up for may be chicken noodle part 2.
Tuesday~ Roast chicken (made on Sunday), mashed potatoes & gravy, collard greens.  Keeping my fingers crossed.
Wednesday~ Hubs is scheduled to bowl.  Ds#3 & I will eat leftovers.
Thursday~ Hubs has class, but I'm cooking anyway.  Beef tenderloin, twice-baked potatoes (also made on Sunday) and tossed salad.
Friday~ Soft tacos, refried beans, salsa, Mexican Rice
Saturday~ Planning to buy a ham... so along with it, we'll have scalloped potatoes and more collards, or perhaps broccoli that I froze this spring.

This is more than I've cooked the past couple of weeks, but we've eaten out more than I'd like.  Ds#3 told me that he missed my cooking. What's a mama to do??? :)