Sunday, October 28, 2012

Here's hoping...and a menu between the months

October is wrapping up, and November will arrive this week.
The last two weeks have been so insanely busy that on Sunday, we all hit the wall and crashed at home ALL DAY... a rare and unusual treat.
We did not follow the menu at all after Tuesday last week... so I'm moving most of those meals to this week.
We worked in the garden and picked an AMAZING amount of peppers...
I chopped two gallon-sized bags, sliced some, and these will be used for stuffing.  We are also giving some away.  Still to be dealt with: tomatoes, jalapenos, and banana peppers. Hubby is really the only one who eats the jalapenos, and he likes them stuffed.  I use them in salsa too, but we don't have enough ripe red tomatoes for that at the moment.  If you have ideas, I'd love to hear them!

(We've also got potatoes and a stray zucchini... wondering how long it will stay warm enough for it to grow...)

On to the menu:
Sunday~ Pioneer Woman's chili
Monday~ Spaghetti (with mushrooms for hubs & me; without for ds#3)
Tuesday~ Some amazing feat that I will accomplish when I come home early from a rehearsal before the boys make it home from school
Wednesday~ Chili dogs (using leftover chili)
Thursday~ Roast in the crockpot
Friday~ Pizza for the masses.... hubs is taking a group to Washington DC this spring, and Friday night they are preparing for a massive yard sale.  We'll all be working ;)
Saturday~ Something easy and wonderful which has yet to be determined...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

October Menu #4

We did a GREAT job of following last week's menu - SURPRISE! :)
This week will be just as busy, so here's hoping we do just as well.

Sunday~ sandwiches for lunch, then steaks on the grill for dinner, with green salad
Monday~ late rehearsal after school.  Sandwiches or panini with chips when I get home.
Tuesday~ Mom goes out of town for the afternoon/evening, so the boys are on their own.  They'll probably go out - they usually do!
Wednesday~ Chili dogs, in honor of the World Series
Thursday~ another late rehearsal.   Leftover chili when I get home.
Friday~ Spaghetti - true comfort food for my fam.
Saturday~ Ds#3's 12th birthday... party day!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

October menu #3... what a WILD week!

I'm not sure what it is about the month of October, but looking back through old posts, it seems it's always hectic.

This week, Hubby's back went out, and I mean it WENT in, we had to go to the hospital.  Not fun.  Hopefully his doctor appointment this week will offer some help.

The schedule is no less busy this week, with Hubby's classes and my rehearsals.  It's a full plate.

Sunday~ Leftover Greek Festival food.  YUMMMMM!!!!!
Monday~ Chicken breasts in mushroom gravy, egg noodles (hubs has class)
Tuesday~ Turkey, sweet potato casserole, swiss beans (possible after-school rehearsal)
Wednesday~ Beef stroganoff in crockpot, served over noodles, salad
Thursday~ Leftovers (daytime concert, after-school rehearsal, and Hubs has class)
Friday~ Pasta fagioli, baguette (teacher plan day)
Saturday~ TBA!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

October has arrived, and we are busier than ever!

Some days it seems that life will never slow down!
Ds#3 has been sick this week; we've been to the doc twice and finally are on antibiotics that seem to be knocking it out.
Hubs hurt his back this weekend and is having a really tough time.
And of course, our schedule has slowed to accommodate these issues....

However, this too shall pass.

We followed our menu until Friday - I made the jambalaya earlier in the week and planned to make breakfast on Friday, but we ended up going out to eat.  Other than that, things went as planned!

On to this week:
Sunday~ Pioneer Woman's Simple Perfect Enchiladas, rice, refried beans
Monday~ Beef tips with gravy, rice
Tuesday~ BBQ chicken (on the stovetop), baked beans, homemade mac'n'cheese
Wednesday~ Sliced turkey, mashed potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers
Thursday~ Leftovers
Friday~ Local Greek Festival - woo hoo!!!!!!
Saturday~ Going Greek!!!