Sunday, October 7, 2012

October has arrived, and we are busier than ever!

Some days it seems that life will never slow down!
Ds#3 has been sick this week; we've been to the doc twice and finally are on antibiotics that seem to be knocking it out.
Hubs hurt his back this weekend and is having a really tough time.
And of course, our schedule has slowed to accommodate these issues....

However, this too shall pass.

We followed our menu until Friday - I made the jambalaya earlier in the week and planned to make breakfast on Friday, but we ended up going out to eat.  Other than that, things went as planned!

On to this week:
Sunday~ Pioneer Woman's Simple Perfect Enchiladas, rice, refried beans
Monday~ Beef tips with gravy, rice
Tuesday~ BBQ chicken (on the stovetop), baked beans, homemade mac'n'cheese
Wednesday~ Sliced turkey, mashed potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers
Thursday~ Leftovers
Friday~ Local Greek Festival - woo hoo!!!!!!
Saturday~ Going Greek!!!

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