Sunday, October 14, 2012

October menu #3... what a WILD week!

I'm not sure what it is about the month of October, but looking back through old posts, it seems it's always hectic.

This week, Hubby's back went out, and I mean it WENT in, we had to go to the hospital.  Not fun.  Hopefully his doctor appointment this week will offer some help.

The schedule is no less busy this week, with Hubby's classes and my rehearsals.  It's a full plate.

Sunday~ Leftover Greek Festival food.  YUMMMMM!!!!!
Monday~ Chicken breasts in mushroom gravy, egg noodles (hubs has class)
Tuesday~ Turkey, sweet potato casserole, swiss beans (possible after-school rehearsal)
Wednesday~ Beef stroganoff in crockpot, served over noodles, salad
Thursday~ Leftovers (daytime concert, after-school rehearsal, and Hubs has class)
Friday~ Pasta fagioli, baguette (teacher plan day)
Saturday~ TBA!

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Seasons of Life said...

Angela ~

The leftover Greek Festival Dish {Pastito?} looks great! I am surprised at the cinnamon listed in the ingredients, when visiting the Festival's link for the recipe...interesting.

I hope your hubby's back improves this is NEVER easy being down.

Enjoyed visiting from MPM today.


Jarnette @ Seasons of Life