Sunday, February 26, 2012

Here comes March! menu

I can't believe that March is almost here!  It's only 3 weeks until Spring Break for us... and then there's a L-O-N-G stretch to finish the school year.

I made my third Grapefruit Cake for my guys... they love this!! This time, I subbed half of the flour with whole wheat pastry flour, and it worked beautifully.  When I'm experimenting, I like to make a recipe at least once the way it's written, then I know what kind of results I should get when I start playing around with ingredients.

Here's our plan for the week:

Sunday~ For lunch: chicken breasts with mushroom gravy, whole wheat egg noodles, green salad. Dinner: sliders, oven fries.
Monday~ Spaghetti, whole grain baguette, tossed salad
Tuesday~ Tacos and taco salad, refried beans (going to try this recipe for the beans)
Wednesday~ Breakfast for Dinner
Thursday~ Pasta fagioli
Friday~ Pizza
Saturday~ Mom's Choice :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

February and the so-glad-we're-home menu!

I found a recipe to use up some grapefruit from our prolific tree... courtesy of Meal Makeover Moms.  My guys ate the whole cake this weekend, and then asked me to make another!  It's so light and yummy!

I've thoroughly enjoyed getting back into my kitchen after several days on the road.  Here's the plan for this week:

Sunday~ Chili in the crockpot for lunch, Potato Bacon Torte for dinner (I even made the crust from scratch!)
Monday~ Ds#3 and Hubs will be setting up for History Fair, so we will eat out.
Tuesday~ Fish fillets (we are going to try to incorporate more into our diet), cheese grits, baked beans
Wednesday~ Meatballs with brown gravy, mashed potatoes (healthified w/cauliflower hidden in there), green beans
Thursday~ Tacos
Friday~ Breakfast for dinner
Saturday~ Red beans & rice with sausage

I can't believe this month is almost over!  
What's cookin' in your casa?  

Friday, February 17, 2012

We are home!

What a blessed family we are - it was wonderful to see Marine Son arrive safely and his deployment come to an end.  We were so glad to see him and spend some time with him.

When we finally got home, it was WONDERFUL to sleep in our own beds (although our hosts were extremely accommodating) and eat food from our own kitchen.

So here's what we've been eating:
Spaghetti & stuffed peppers
Our own variation of this salad from Life As Mom, with romaine lettuce from the garden and ruby red grapefruit from our tree
Breakfast for dinner
Fabulous Supper Nachos from Hallee the Homemaker

Between laundry and cooking and getting our systems back on schedule, we've enjoyed some time off... we'll savor the weekend and then it's back to work on Monday!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The week of travel

This week, we are traveling....
Marine Son is returning from deployment
and we are going to see him!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not much of a menu plan as we are on the road -
Saturday, we packed a picnic lunch and stopped at a state park to eat lunch.  That night, we stopped at a Cracker Barrell for dinner.

Sunday~ breakfast at Cracker Barrell, visited the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum, lunch at Wendy's on the road
Monday~ another Cracker Barrell breakfast, looking at pizza for dinner
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday~ eating on the road
We hope to be home by Friday!
Saturday~ burgers on the grill AT HOME :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

February menu, week 2

What an exciting week lies ahead!

We are getting ready to meet our Marine Son - he is due to return from deployment and we can't wait to have him back in the States.

We are also wrapping up History Fair...

Dinners this week will be of the using-up-leftovers and quick-and-easy varieties.

Sunday~ SUPERBOWL!  Sliders and hotdogs, chips & salsa
Monday~ Ds#3 has an Art Show at school, so we'll pick him up, see the art, and go out to eat
Tuesday~ Hubs has a History Fair meeting, and ds#3 will 'practice' for his interview with the judges, then we're out to eat with a friend
Wednesday~ Leftover roast and mashed potatoes
Thursday~ Breakfast for dinner
Friday~ Frozen pizza
Saturday~ on the road... picnic lunch at a state park on the way

Last week....

  • Our taco night was a success.  Woo hoo!  (It only took a month...)
  • I burned our spaghetti crockpot dinner.  It was sad.  And gross.                                
    • So we went out to eat.

    I also finished handling the last of 40 pounds of ground beef.
    Have I mentioned just how much meat that is????

    • I made hamburger patties & froze them
    • I made sliders for Super Bowl Sunday
    • I also tried making homemade beef sausage, and hubs (the sausage connoisseur) actually liked it!!!

    Here's the recipe I used:
    Approx. 2 lbs ground beef
    1 tsp diced onion
    1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
    1 tsp cumin
    1 tsp ground sage
    2 tsp salt

    Mix together, and let sit in refrigerator 8 hours, or overnight.
    Shape into links or patties.  Fry in pan or cook in oven at 325.
    Can also be used as crumbles in homemade "skillets".

    Share your menu marvels at Menu Plan Monday!