Sunday, May 31, 2009

June is bustin' out all over! Menu...

We survived the last week of school with students, and the last baseball game of our season. Whew. As for last week's menu, it was.... well.... interesting. The Aussie Chicken was really good and I will probably make it again. We did have tacos and bbq pork sandwiches as planned, but there were a couple of nights that did not go as well.
On Memorial Day, I learned an important lesson: thawed ground beef does not make good hamburgers. In fact, it won't make hamburgers at all. Usually, when I buy ground beef, I bring it home and immediately shape some into hamburger patties so they are ready when we're in the mood for a burger. However, I was out of those, so I decided to thaw some meat to make up patties. They would not hold together. I tried adding egg. And bread crumbs. And nothing worked. My husband was not happy (because he was looking forward to a juicy burger from the grill) and subsequently our entire dinner got burned. I will not repeat that mistake.

As for this week? Hopefully there won't be any cooking errors!
Sunday~ we did grill some successful and delicious burgers on Saturday, so we'll have leftover burgers & chips.
Monday~ Spinach & mushroom smothered chicken (this is a new recipe and I'm anxious to see how it turns out!), mashed potatoes, honey wheat popovers
Tuesday~ Black'n'bleu salad (our own version of this one at O'Charley's)
Wednesday~ we have a Spanish ship sailing into port in our city, so we plan to take the afternoon tour and then go out to dinner.
Thursday~ Rachael Ray's Texas chili-cheese fries, salad
Friday~ Roast chicken, roasted potatoes (since the oven will be on, I may as well use it for double duty!), tossed salad, cornbread
Saturday~ some kind of pasta... if we have enough ripe tomatoes from our garden, I will toss cooked pasta with the fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, and top with feta cheese. Yummmmm. Nothing like dinner from the garden!
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

May's last Menu

It is the last week of May, and students' last day of school for this year is Friday. WOO HOO! As a teacher, I am ready, and as a parent, I am even more ready for the relaxed pace that summer brings.
As for this past week, I finally wrapped up all our concerts. We have two baseball games this week and then the season will be over. The menu? Well, we didn't do a very good job of following it... hubby informed me that he did not want to eat marinated flank steak on Wednesday, so Plan B was breakfast: waffles and bacon (which was just fine with everyone). We also did not eat the spaghetti planned for Friday; ds#3 had a friend spend the night, so the boys had chicken tenders and fries after the ball game.
Now on to this week....
Sunday~ Aussie chicken, rice, tossed salad
Monday~ HOLIDAY! Grilled steak and chicken, baked potatoes, tossed salad. Hubby will also grill burgers while the grill is hot. Thanks to all who have served, and those who gave everything to protect and defend.
Tuesday~ Leftover burgers, pasta salad after the game.
Wednesday~ Tacos and quesadillas
Thursday~ BBQ pork sandwiches (in the crock pot), baked beans, coleslaw
Friday~ SCHOOL'S OUT!! ball game @ 7pm. BLTs & chips before the game.
Saturday~ TBA
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

May Menu III

I feel like the weight of the world is off my shoulders... only one more concert to go, and it's an easy one this week! We have three ballgames, but the season's winding down.
On last week's menu:
everything went according to plan until we got to Friday night, which was actually a 'TBA'... it turned into a hodge podge of leftovers and various items from the freezer. Saturday, hubby worked outside all day and did not feel like grilling anything. So we had chef's salads for dinner, and I must say, they were mighty tasty.
Now for this week:
Sunday~ Mom's lasagna, tossed salad, and french bread. We are celebrating my grandmother's birthday, so there will be cake & ice cream for dessert.
Monday~ ball practice. Apricot chicken, rice, broccoli, and rolls.
Tuesday~ 5:30 game. Sandwiches & chips.
Wednesday~ Marinated flank steak (I actually leave the oil out of the marinade and it has always worked just fine), tossed salad, roasted potatoes.
Thursday~ 7 pm game. Must-goes (chicken, steak, taco meat from the weekend)
Friday~ concert in the a.m. and ball game at 7 pm. Spaghetti and garlic bread. Tried and true.
Saturday~ the beginning of a long weekend... who knows??? :)
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Monday, May 11, 2009

It's another Manic Monday...

After this week, I'll be able to breathe a little easier. But it's going to be a wild ride until then.

Sunday~ Mother's Day ~ all my boys were home. It was wonderful... a combination Mom's Day & Dad's b-day celebration. We had steak & shrimp, pasta salad, roasted potatoes, and fried okra (my boys' request).
Monday~ baseball game. CP roast and mashed potatoes (leftovers)
Tuesday~ baseball practice. Hubby's real b-day - out to eat at O'Charley's
Wednesday~ Tacos with all the trimmings
Thursday~ baseball game AND Mom's musical at school. Fend For Yourself.
Friday~ baseball game. TBA.
Saturday~ burgers & dogs on the grill (did not happen last week).
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

May Menu

Wow - I can't believe it's May. As a teacher, this month is as busy for me as December. And while we are all excited about the lazy days of summer that lie ahead, there is so much to be done before we get there!
The menu from last week:
Wild, wild week. We ended up being eliminated from the tourney before we even played because we missed the games on the preceding Saturday. But it was a crazy week nonetheless. Sunday's ravioli lasagna ended up being a hit! It also provided hubby with lunch two days during the week. We had our air conditioning system worked on this week (the ducts were full of holes and had to be replaced - they were also blowing insulation into our house - YIKES!) so we had no air on Thursday or Friday. So, those two days, we ended up going out to eat because it was HOT in the house. It cooled off for sleeping, but right after work... just too hot. So we moved our chicken dinner to Saturday and all was well.

This week, we won't actually be at home very much in the evenings. But here's the plan...
Sunday~ spaghetti & meatballs
Monday~ ballgame @ 5:30 across town. Drive-thru for dinner.
Tuesday~ orientation @ school. Chorus is staying after school to perform, so I'll order pizza for them at school.
Wednesday~ HOME!!! Breakfast for Dinner.
Thursday~ ds#3 has a program at school and has to be there at 5:30. Snack at home, then out to dinner with the fam afterward.
Friday~ a student of ours has given hubby & me tickets to see their performance with the local children's chorus. We will go out to dinner beforehand.
Saturday~ it's a tradition that my grandmother, mom, sis & I spend the Saturday before Mother's Day together, so that we can be with our respective families on Mother's Day. But for dinner, it'll be burgers & dogs on the grill.
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