Sunday, May 24, 2009

May's last Menu

It is the last week of May, and students' last day of school for this year is Friday. WOO HOO! As a teacher, I am ready, and as a parent, I am even more ready for the relaxed pace that summer brings.
As for this past week, I finally wrapped up all our concerts. We have two baseball games this week and then the season will be over. The menu? Well, we didn't do a very good job of following it... hubby informed me that he did not want to eat marinated flank steak on Wednesday, so Plan B was breakfast: waffles and bacon (which was just fine with everyone). We also did not eat the spaghetti planned for Friday; ds#3 had a friend spend the night, so the boys had chicken tenders and fries after the ball game.
Now on to this week....
Sunday~ Aussie chicken, rice, tossed salad
Monday~ HOLIDAY! Grilled steak and chicken, baked potatoes, tossed salad. Hubby will also grill burgers while the grill is hot. Thanks to all who have served, and those who gave everything to protect and defend.
Tuesday~ Leftover burgers, pasta salad after the game.
Wednesday~ Tacos and quesadillas
Thursday~ BBQ pork sandwiches (in the crock pot), baked beans, coleslaw
Friday~ SCHOOL'S OUT!! ball game @ 7pm. BLTs & chips before the game.
Saturday~ TBA
More menus at Laura's!

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turtleracing4 said...

The recipe for the Aussie Chicken looks delicious!
Heartfelt thanks to your boys and your husband for their service to our country. Many blessings to you mom- thank you for your sacrifice as well.
God Bless!