Sunday, September 25, 2011

Last menu for September

We followed last week's plan relatively well...
so here's hoping we're equally successful this week!

(BTW, Saturday, I made burgers & hotdogs, so those will make repeat appearances this week.)

Sunday~ Local seafood festival with extended family to celebrate my dad's birthday. YUM!
Monday~ the Bourbon Chicken that we've been putting off, with fresh green beans that we just picked from our second round in the garden
Tuesday~ Leftover burgers & dogs.  Open House at school.
Wednesday~ Taco soup in the crock pot
Thursday~ Another crockpot meal... (LOVE IT!) Pepper steak, whole wheat egg noodles, green beans
Friday~ Must-goes or out to eat.
Saturday~ TBA

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Two weeks in September...

Last week, I did not post at all...
It was crazy and insane AND a full moon...
And I think that many of my students were howling at it!!!!

So anyway, we did eat last week:

  • leftover chicken, blackeyed peas, collards, corn salad
  • out to dinner as a treat for my family who volunteered to notarize a ton of papers for my students
  • stuffed peppers, eggplant, and pasta
  • pork BBQ sandwiches
  • out to eat (again...)
  • chili

And the plan for this week?
Sunday~ Sticky chicken, orzo pasta, collards, blackeyed peas, corn on the cob
Monday~ School Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A
Tuesday~ Macho Nachos (using leftover chili)
Wednesday~ Sausage with peppers & onions
Thursday~ Open House night.  Out to dinner.
Friday~ Celebrating my dad's birthday with a surprise dinner.  Fried chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, Swiss beans, biscuits, cake & ice cream. YUM!
Saturday~ TBA

Sunday, September 4, 2011

September Menu #1

September has arrived!

We've had our first tropical storm, and we're about halfway through the season.  I hope the second half is as quiet as the first.

Our garden is exploding with blackeyed peas and eggplant.  We've also got bell peppers and collards galore.  I'm so thankful for my husband's green thumb... and desperately in need of some creativity to use all this gorgeous produce.

Here's our plan for the week.  We'll see how well we follow it!

Sunday~ Sausage, hotdogs, hamburgers

Monday~ LABOR DAY holiday!  I'll decide then.

Tuesday~ Beef stroganoff (using leftover eye of round from the freezer), mushrooms, whole wheat egg noodles, tossed salad

Wednesday~ Stuffed peppers, spaghetti, salad

Thursday~ Mom has an evening meeting.  Leftovers or out to eat.

Friday~ Taco salad

Saturday~ BBQ chicken, collards, blackeyed peas, corn on the cob or corn salad