Saturday, April 23, 2016

April Menu Wrap-up

So this week, we ate out more than I would have liked, but life is so busy that I feel like it's an accomplishment just to get us all fed, regardless of where it comes from!

Son #2 is visiting us, and we love having him here.  Son #3 is getting busier, as are his dad and I, and it's reflected in the time I haven't spent in the kitchen.  Ah well.  We shall try again this week. :)

Sunday~ I made pulled BBQ chicken and an apple-cabbage slaw for the guys, and I headed out with my mom and a dear friend to have a last shop for my sister before her baby girl arrives.  We ate lunch out and shopped and laughed and had a marvelous time.
Monday~ Miscellaneous must-goes.  Hubs has online class right after work, so it's a fend-for-yourselves sort of dinner.  Everyone hunts in the fridge for what they like.
Tuesday~ More leftovers.
Wednesday~ I had a dinner meeting, but I cooked for my guys before I left.  I made iceberg lettuce wedge salads (they are LOVING those) with homemade dressing, and choice of spaghetti or alfredo with pasta.  There were very little leftovers!
Thursday~ Hubs came home from work feeling sick.  He requested a burger from Five Guys for dinner, so that's what we did.
Friday~ Ds#3 had an after-school rehearsal, so we hit the drive-thru on the way home and had Chick-fil-A for all.  Hubs stayed home as he was not 100% (I'm not sure he was even 75%) so this was an easy dinner for Mom.
Saturday~ Hubs is feeling better.  Woo hoo!!!  Burgers on the grill - delish!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Holy Moly, it's April.

We've been busy.... I guess that's an understatement.
Life has been very full and we are still alive and well.

Because I cannot seem to get my act together to post what we are eating for the coming week, I will post what we have eaten... for now, anyway. :)

Son #2, formerly Airman Son, has been visiting this month, and we are thrilled to have him home after living all over the place.  So our menus have been a little more reflective of that.

In other news, we've got bell peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes planted in the garden.  We also have basil and rosemary, and lemon balm (I'm so excited about this one - it smells so amazing!!!).  We still have collards and lavender to plant, which will happen this weekend.  The blueberries are blooming and it is so exciting to see all the growing things.

Sunday~ Steaks on the grill, iceberg wedge salad, oven-roasted parmesan zucchini wedges (they were not as good as they sound... they were tasty, but I'll change up the recipe when I try them again.)
Monday~ Spaghetti for the guys, zucchini boats for me.  (I stuffed the zucchini with the spaghetti sauce and baked in the oven.  Pretty tasty.)
Tuesday~ Homemade meatballs, mashed potatoes & gravy, broccoli.  Cozy and scrumptious after a messy rainy day.
Wednesday~ Hubs & I had tickets to see our local baseball team play. It rained all day, so we weren't sure it was actually going to happen, but we managed to get in a quick dinner date and a few innings at the ballpark before we decided it was too cold. We called it in the 4th inning. ;)
Thursday~ Tacos.  With meat, cheese, avocado, salsa, sour cream... all the trimmings.  Messy and delicious.
Friday~ Must-goes.  There is chicken, spaghetti sauce, and random other bits.  And there are always eggs to fill in the gaps if someone can't find something they like!
Saturday~ TBD. Grocery day.

Marvelous Menus abound at Menu Plan Monday!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

What we've been eating, and the (Failed) Pantry Challenge

Well, I usually do a Pantry Challenge in January.  But this year, I failed.
It didn't happen.
So I'm moving it to FEBRUARY!!!!! :)

Life has been chaotic and unpredictable, and I had to go out of town for nearly a week, so I decided not to sweat the pantry challenge.  Although we do really need to save some money, it will be in the upcoming month instead of this one.

So here's what we've been eating in the midst of our craziness:
Sunday~ Out to lunch.  I had been out of town almost all of the preceding week, and needed to go to the grocery store.  So we went out.
Monday~ Rotisserie-style chicken and steamed broccoli.
Tuesday~ various leftovers in the fridge.
Wednesday~ Tacos.  I tried a gluten-free tortilla, and it was surprisingly good!
Thursday~ Fend For Yourself.  Mom had a late practice.
Friday~ BBQ chicken, twice baked potatoes (from the freezer), broccoli
Saturday~ Tomato soup.  It is COLD.
Sunday~ A pretty amazing Sausage, Potato and Spinach soup.  I put it in the slow cooker and let it simmer while we were at church.  When I got home, I added the spinach, and made some cheesy bread for my guys.  It was a hit with everyone - my 15 y.o. said, "I can't even taste the spinach," to which my husband replied, "But it's so good for you".... MY HEART WAS PROUD!! And I forgot to add the cream - my guys loved it without.

This week should be a little calmer, and payday is this week.  (It's been six weeks since our last payday, so we are READY for it!!!!)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Pantry Challenge for a New Year?

Christmas was wonderful -
we celebrated with family and friends who were here, and called and sent pictures with those who are far away (but they will all be here next year!!!).
We ate a lot and enjoyed each other's company and exchanged gifts.
And, of course, talked about the upcoming year.

Each year, we usually do a pantry challenge in January.  It is a way for us to be more mindful of our grocery budget and use what we have.  I've learned that we are pretty good at repurposing leftovers and using them up.  Going out to eat is a way to handle stress for my hubby, and we haven't yet figured that one out!  He has, however, agreed to try a gluten-free diet for the new year.  And since sometimes, with dietary restrictions, it's easier to eat at home, I'm hopeful.

So I'll be working on a plan for the month during the course of this week, but for now, here's a New Year's week plan :)
Sunday~ leftovers... turkey breast, mashed potatoes, swiss beans, cranberry sauce
Monday~ Chicken Parmesan with gluten free noodles, and a tossed salad.  I was sent a sample of Ronzoni's Gluten Free pasta, so we will try it with this.
Tuesday~ Doctor's appointments and hitting lessons call for something fast and easy.  I think tacos will do.
Wednesday~ Ds#3 has an appointment with an allergist :( We have decided to treat him afterward... so whether it's a movie or out to dinner, we'll see what he wants to do, and then go for it.  (If it doesn't include dinner, we will probably have leftovers when we get home.)
Thursday~ New Year's Eve! We are typically a low-key group for New Years.  We hardly ever have big plans.  So unless something changes, we'll be staying in, and will have a simple dinner of breakfast.
Friday~ Happy New Year!  Having some friends over for a cookout.  Grilling burgers & hotdogs, and friends will bring the trimmings.  Here's to a great 2016!
Saturday~ TBD.  Getting organized for the new year and mapping a menu to match. ;)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Catching my breath... and this week's menu (and other adventures!)

Merry Christmas!

It's been three months... life has been a whirlwind but we are all doing fine.

Ds#3 has started high school.

We've had concerts.

Marine Son & his wife welcomed a sweet baby girl just in time for Christmas.
A GIRL, ya'll!!!
I'm excited.
(We have ALL BOYS in our family.)
Isn't she beautiful???

And we have eaten well; it's just been crazy busy and I haven't posted it!
This week will be full of family gatherings and celebrations, and lots of good food.
Sunday~ burgers on the grill (courtesy of Hubs) for lunch; chicken broccoli alfredo for dinner (over egg noodles for the guys, and with mushrooms and broccoli for me).  I just make this in a skillet instead of baking it in the oven.
Monday~ leftovers for lunch (pizza, Sunday night's leftovers, or sandwich stuff if they so desire).  For dinner, I'm going out to dinner to celebrate a friend, so my boys will fend for themselves.
Tuesday~ I'm not planning for lunch.  I'm getting my hair cut, so I may not be home.  For dinner, it'll be something quick as ds#3 has a hitting lesson.
Wednesday~ Our annual family Christmas dinner with my grandparents.  This year, we'll be going to a favorite local spot that is closing at the first of the year, so we're creating one last memory there.  Then we'll go to my grandparents' house for presents and dessert.
Thursday~ My brother and niece will be in town, so we will go have dinner at my parents' house.  It will be wonderful to see them; I'm sure we'll have lots of shenanigans as well as some good food (my mom's a great cook!).
Friday~ MERRY CHRISTMAS!  It will be just Hubs, ds#3, and me.  We've decided to go non-traditional and have steak on the grill, with mashed potatoes and our family recipe of Swiss beans (a variation on green bean casserole).  I will make pecan pie and pumpkin pie, because those are my guys' favorites, and top with homemade whipped cream.
Saturday~ We'll be having leftovers, because the week will be filled with lots of feasting!

Here's a wish from our family to yours, that your holidays are filled with joy and peace.
Please visit Menu Plan Monday for menu inspiration!

Monday, September 7, 2015

And now it's September :) A Labor Day Menu

It's been a month since I've posted!  ACK!
You can rest assured that life has been speeding ahead and everyone's been eating just fine...
We've been swamped getting back into school routines.
And ds#3 has begun playing Fall Baseball, so it's not slowing down.
We've been lucky the past three years while he's been in middle school - his activities have been our activities too, since he went to school where Hubs & I both teach.  That has come to an end, however, as he is stepping into high school.  Sigh.

So this week's menu looks like this:
Sunday~ family cookout.   Burgers, dogs, shrimp, with potato salad, cheese & cracker salad (a family recipe), broccoli salad, pineapple, chocolate chip cookies and brownies.  And there were even leftovers. :)
Monday~ leftover chicken (from last week) gets morphed into BBQ chicken (with a bun or without), hotdogs from yesterday, leftover potato salad, and baked beans.  Ball practice later this evening.
Tuesday~ previously cooked and frozen beef roast with gravy and mashed potatoes.  Tonight is high school's Open House, so I'll cook everything ahead to reheat and eat quickly.
Wednesday~ Tacos or taco salad or nachos.  Again, a fast, easy meal, as Hubs has bowling.
Thursday~ ball practice night, and Hubs' online grad class which starts before we get home.  A snack beforehand, and then every man for himself.
Friday~ WHEW - a night at home!!  Rotisserie-style chicken in the crockpot, baked potatoes, tossed salad and broccoli.  Comfort food at the end of a very busy week.
Saturday~ TBD.  We have a brisket in the freezer, and Hubs may smoke it, depending on the weather.

What's cookin' in your casa?  
What suggestions do you have have for fast, easy meals on busy nights?

Monday, August 10, 2015

August Menu #2, back at work!

Well, the day has come...
teachers are back to work.
Kids come next week.
Usually I am ready for more routine days, but this year I am longing for just a little more time.
Perhaps it is because my youngest boy begins high school this year... a bittersweet milestone.  He, of course, is very excited.

And what will we eat, you may ask?
Here it is:
Sunday~ spaghetti for lunch, and hotdogs for dinner.  Hubs is watching his beloved Pittsburgh Pirates on TV (which is a rarity) and he asked for celebratory dogs.
Monday~ BBQ chicken (sandwiches for the guys, over a baked potato for me)
Tuesday~ Fend For YourSelf.  Mom has a late meeting.
Wednesday~ Tacos
Thursday~ Greek chicken in the crockpot, rice, steamed broccoli
Friday~ Breakfast or nachos.  Depends on what we're in the mood for!
Saturday~ Something on the grill