Sunday, October 23, 2011

Out of whack, out of month... trying to get back on the wagon

Well, the end of October is upon us.
I planned a menu for the whole month.
And as I look at the calendar, it did not happen as I planned.
At all.


The plan for this week goes like this:
23 - Beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes, swiss beans I actually made this earlier in the month, so Sunday's menu was beef tips with mushrooms, green beans, and rice & gravy
24 - Teacher plan needs to be something with chicken but I haven't figured out what yet... maybe chicken parm that I never made earlier this month
25 - Tomato soup, sandwiches
26 - Sausage w/peppers
27 - My baby boy is 11... his choice! (At this point, all I know is that he wants a homemade birthday cake.... "because ELEVEN is a big deal, you know.")
28 - Family dinner out for birthday
29 - Birthday party food

Sunday, October 16, 2011

October week #3

I ended up not cooking at ALL this week.
Seriously... that never happens.

We savored every moment of the Greek Festival this weekend, and I'm sad to see it go, but happy to have an order form to get some of those goodies in December!!!

The plan for this week:
16 - Beef tenderloin, green beans, perhaps potatoes
17- Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A
18- Mom has late rehearsal - meet my guys for dinner
19- Sweet & Spicy Kielbasa
20- French Onion Soup
21- Chicken with mushroom gravy, egg noodles, green beans hubby has requested no chicken this week, as that is ALL he ate at the conference last weekend... so we'll probably go with leftovers
22- Tacos

Sunday, October 9, 2011

October, week #2

Last week, our plan went reasonably well, with just a few modifications.
This week, hubs is off to a conference, and our local Greek Festival takes place, so ds#3 and I will be enjoying every second of it!!!!
The plan....

9 - Chicken/Eggplant/Meatball Parmigiana  mish mash of pasta & sandwiches
10- Pasta Fagioli
11- Leftovers (hubs has dinner meeting)
12- Leftovers part 2 (bowling night)
13- Leftovers part 3 (Dad's out of town)
14- Local Greek Festival!!!
15- Greek!!!

It's an easy week for me, as we try to use up all the leftovers before Dad goes out of town.  We'll see how it works out....

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Welcome, October!

I love, love, LOVE my crockpot.
Have I mentioned that lately??

This weekend, we had a lovely cold snap that sent night time temps into the 50s, which just happened to correspond with the first weekend of October.  What a nice start!
(It will probably be back up into the 90s later this week, but we'll enjoy the 'fall' that we can get while it's here.)

On to our menu....
Sunday~ Leftover grilled meats from Saturday (chicken, sausage, burgers, hotdogs, steaks....take your pick!)
Monday~ Spaghetti (hubby's request), tossed salad
Tuesday~ Roast in the crockpot, green beans, rice
Wednesday~ Leftovers (hubby has bowling, and ds#3 & I will probably go see the great-grandparents)
Thursday~ Breakfast for Dinner.  YUM!
Friday~ Out to eat at our favorite local Mexican restaurant
Saturday~ Leavin' it open...

I made a rough plan for the rest of the month as well:
9 - Chicken/Eggplant/Meatball Parmigiana
10- Pasta Fagioli
11- Open
12- Leftovers (bowling night)
13- Leftovers part 2 (Dad's out of town)
14- Local Greek Festival!!!
15- Greek!!!
16- Last Day to eat Greek... YUMMMMM!!!!!!
17- Crock pot Pepper Steak, rice, peas
18- Boys out, Mom has late rehearsal
19- Sweet & Spicy Kielbasa
20- French Onion Soup
21- Chicken with mushroom gravy, egg noodles, green beans
22- Tacos
23- Open
24- Beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes, swiss beans
25- Tomato soup, sandwiches
26- Sausage w/peppers
27- My baby boy is 11... his choice!
28- Family dinner out for birthday
29- Birthday party food
30- Beef stroganoff, rice, green beans
31- Open