Sunday, October 23, 2011

Out of whack, out of month... trying to get back on the wagon

Well, the end of October is upon us.
I planned a menu for the whole month.
And as I look at the calendar, it did not happen as I planned.
At all.


The plan for this week goes like this:
23 - Beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes, swiss beans I actually made this earlier in the month, so Sunday's menu was beef tips with mushrooms, green beans, and rice & gravy
24 - Teacher plan needs to be something with chicken but I haven't figured out what yet... maybe chicken parm that I never made earlier this month
25 - Tomato soup, sandwiches
26 - Sausage w/peppers
27 - My baby boy is 11... his choice! (At this point, all I know is that he wants a homemade birthday cake.... "because ELEVEN is a big deal, you know.")
28 - Family dinner out for birthday
29 - Birthday party food

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