Sunday, October 21, 2012

October Menu #4

We did a GREAT job of following last week's menu - SURPRISE! :)
This week will be just as busy, so here's hoping we do just as well.

Sunday~ sandwiches for lunch, then steaks on the grill for dinner, with green salad
Monday~ late rehearsal after school.  Sandwiches or panini with chips when I get home.
Tuesday~ Mom goes out of town for the afternoon/evening, so the boys are on their own.  They'll probably go out - they usually do!
Wednesday~ Chili dogs, in honor of the World Series
Thursday~ another late rehearsal.   Leftover chili when I get home.
Friday~ Spaghetti - true comfort food for my fam.
Saturday~ Ds#3's 12th birthday... party day!!!

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