Sunday, March 21, 2010

Menus and Baseball... oh how I love thee!

Well, Opening Day for our baseball season was Saturday. This means almost-daily practice and at least 2 games (sometimes 3) every week.

Here's our plan:
Sunday~ Spaghetti and french bread, at hubby's request
Monday~ BBQ pork sandwiches which did not get eaten last Wednesday (we had breakfast instead). Ball practice @ 5pm. My new nephew makes his entrance today!!!
Tuesday~ Chicken w/ mushroom gravy, egg noodles, broccoli w/ cheese sauce. Game @ 5:30pm.
Wednesday~ Frozen lasagna, tossed salad, rolls. No baseball.
Thursday~ Leftovers. Game @ 5:30pm.
Friday~ WHEW.... Spring Break begins. OUT TO EAT. No practice scheduled, but we'll probably have it...
Saturday~ something on the grill if the weather is nice.

What's on your plan?

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Leah said...

Yeah for grilling season! Looks like you have a busy week. Thanks for coming around and saying hello :)