Sunday, June 5, 2011

School's out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! June menu #1

WOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(School's out. We're excited.)
Hubby & I are working just a couple of days this week. As usual, we'll be back up to school for various things, but official work days end Tuesday. YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

So, I'm going to plan lunches AND dinners, because we'll be eating at home more and this will help me be prepared with the groceries.

Sunday~ lunch: leftover hotdogs & hamburgers
dinner: Chicken (crockpot) with green beans (garden),
new potatoes (garden), and cucumber salad
(garden... yea for the garden!)
Monday~ lunch: Sonny's (we have a BOGO coupon!)
dinner: Tacos (still haven't had it yet... we'll use
Tuesday~ lunch: quesadillas (or out... last day of work)
dinner: BBQ chicken sandwiches, cucumber salad,
coleslaw (cabbage from the garden)
Wednesday~ lunch: leftover bbq chicken
dinner: Roast in the crockpot, mushrooms, pearl onions,
tossed salad or sliced tomatoes (garden again),
corn (friend's garden!)
Thursday~ lunch: Chef's salad
dinner: Make Your Own Pizza (using flatbread)
Friday~ lunch: TBA
dinner: Marinated flank steak with peppers, rice for ds#3,
cucumbers and tomatoes with feta
Saturday~ our 17th wedding anniversary. Leaving it open :)

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