Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our new normal menu

WOW!  Life is busy.  CRAZY busy.
Monday night, hubs has a grad class.
Tuesday night is Scouts.
Wednesday night, we are home.
Thursday night, hubs has class.
Friday night, we are dead.
I kid... but it feels like it.

So....after the Boy Scout campout this weekend, I wanted to make sure my guys got some yummy home-cooked grub.
Sunday~ Sticky Chicken, homemade mac'n'cheese, blackeyed peas (frozen, from our garden this summer)
Monday~ Shred leftover chicken for BBQ chicken sandwiches before hubs dashes to class
Tuesday~ Lasagna before Scouts
Wednesday~ Taco night!
Thursday~ Leftover roast beef with mushrooms over egg noodles (hubs will eat after class)
Friday~ Macho nachos, something like this, using leftover taco fixin's
Saturday~ Planning for leftovers to clean out the fridge

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