Sunday, January 20, 2013

Week Four of the Pantry Challenge

This pantry challenge has proven more difficult than originally planned...we may have continue the 'minimal shopping' into February to make up for it!!!

You can see what we're eating every day right here.

Here's the plan for Week Four:
Sunday~ we went out for lunch (ugh) and had chili-topped nachos for dinner.  That part was a huge success because Hubby wanted What-A-Burger and I managed to evade.

Monday~ Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday.  Ds#3 comes home from Boy Scout Camp sometime in the afternoon.  Planning on pasta fagioli for dinner... maybe with some bruschetta!

Tuesday~ back to school.  Ds has an orthodontist appointment, so Hubs will take him and they will get home early.  Burgers & dogs on the grill courtesy of Hubby, and I'll make baked beans and onion rings when I get home from work to go with.  Yum!

Wednesday~ I'm taking a group of 8th grade girls to the opera - FUN!!!! :) Boys will be on their own.

Thursday~ Breakfast for dinner... pancakes, grits, eggs, grapefruit, fresh blueberries.

Friday~ Leftovers or pizza from the freezer with tossed salad.

Saturday~ To Be Determined, because I'm not sure what we'll have around here at that point...

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