Sunday, February 17, 2013

Changing thoughts about food and how we get it... and our menu

Blueberry blossoms... can't wait for these beauties!
We are blessed to have a big back yard and my husband has a beautiful garden every year.  Not only does he grow delicious produce, but it helps keep the food bill down and we eat a little healthier as well.
Our greens: broccoli, chard, arugula, romaine, leaf lettuce, spinach, and cabbage (not in this pic)

As the weather warms, our bounty will include corn, all kinds of tomatoes, green beans, peas, and whatever else suits hubby's fancy.  We have herbs in pots: thyme, parsley, oregano, chives, and rosemary.  I love it!

I've still got a little tomato sauce, TONS of bell peppers, collards, and green beans in the freezer from last year.

Nothing from the garden is ready to eat just yet, but it gets me excited.  I'm seriously thinking that when I decide to retire from teaching, we might open a stand at our local farmer's market.  There is something so grounding about picking the food you grow, and sharing it with people.  And after watching Changing the Way We Eat online yesterday, I'm inspired to do more.

That said, here's our menu for this week, trying to be responsible and use the food we have, not wasting it.
Sunday~ homemade lasagna for the guys while I help host a wedding shower with my grandmother
Monday~ teacher work day (no school for kids) - we will have Orange Chicken with basmati rice and broccoli from a friend's garden, using up some chicken from my mom's surprise birthday party last week
Tuesday~ Roast in the crockpot with mushrooms and green beans (freezer), whole wheat egg noodles, and homemade bread
Wednesday~ Breakfast for dinner: farm eggs (supplied by some friends), bacon, cheese grits, pink grapefruit from our tree
Thursday~ Leftovers...there will be plenty!
Friday~ DS heads to a Boy Scout campout, so hubs and I will enjoy beef tenderloin, twice-baked potatoes, and salad - it will be the Valentine's Dinner we didn't have last week!
Saturday~ Not planning anything... a relaxing easy day before a crazy busy week coming up!

and do one thing to handle your food more responsibly. :)

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