Sunday, June 22, 2014

It's a Wedding....RECEPTION, that is. And the menu too!

My oldest son is a Marine.  He was married in the fall, in Hawaii, where he is stationed.  We took a trip to see him last year.

He was married a few months after we left, before he deployed.  He and his wife are coming home this week and next week, we will have a big reception to celebrate the happy couple.

We've been at work planning a 'rehearsal dinner' of sorts, except it's not really a rehearsal dinner, because they've already had the wedding.  It's actually a chance for the families to be together before the big event.

Marine Son will take a quick road trip with his buddies to see some baseball games while his wife finalizes plans, and Son #2 (formerly Airman Son) will arrive at the end of the week to participate in the festivities as well.  We'll have a full house next week and I'm SO EXCITED!!!!  It's been several years since we've all been together.

Meanwhile, I traveled to D.C. to see my oldest niece graduate from high school.  My brother and sister-in-law were very gracious hosts.

This was after graduation, and locking keys in a running van, and taking turns waiting for the locksmith to come so my brother wouldn't miss his daughter's graduation.
(my dad, my sister and me)
This is a pic of my mom (dinosaur mask), my sister-in-law (pink squid),
my sister (one of the green squid), me (red), and my nieces.
This is what we do when you let us out in public.

Here's what we ate after I got home:
Tuesday~ Spaghetti, cooked by my sweet husband, because I had enough restaurant food while I was gone.
Wednesday~ Beef tips, mashed potatoes & gravy, Caesar salad.  Cooked by me.
Thursday~ Rotisserie chicken, salad, and homemade rolls.
Friday~ Lasagna (from the freezer), salad, and french rolls.
Saturday~ Burgers, hotdogs, and sausage on the grill.  Baked beans and cucumber salad to go with, and chocolate cake for dessert.  My mom came to eat with us while my dad is on a missions trip in Nicaragua.

And this week??
Sunday~ for lunch: leftovers from the grill.  For dinner: pizza & swimming with friends.
Monday~ Sticky chicken, mashed potatoes, cucumber salad.
Tuesday~ The newlyweds arrive!  We're going to Olive Garden for dinner with them.
Wednesday~ Tacos with all the trimmin's
Thursday~ Pasta toss (pasta with tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, whatever veg we have on hand, tossed with cheese - usually feta)
Friday~ 'Macho' nachos with any leftover taco fix in's
Saturday~ Son #2 comes in.... so it'll be whatever he requests!

Take the time to savor moments with your loved ones this week.  

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