Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monday, Monday.... menu, etc.

After looking over last week's planned menu, let me just tell you that I feel like a big fat LIAR.
I did not cook anything after Tuesday. On Wednesday, my sweet grandparents provided us with an enormous dinner of a gorgeous tossed salad, rolls, burgundy beef tips and gravy over egg noodles, and bread pudding for dessert. On Thursday, we had Open House at our school, and our PTA provided dinner for the teachers. And on Friday, we had leftovers from Wednesday. Saturday, we actually did grill, but I didn't have hamburgers, so we grilled sausage, hotdogs, chicken breasts, and portobella mushrooms instead.

it has been such a blessing to have so many loved ones provide my family with meals. And it was so appropriate for me personally that Laura posted this week dealing with this very thing: Food Tidings. Check it out - very useful tool.

On to the PLAN for this week...
Sunday~ Spaghetti (sauce in the crockpot), parmesan toasts
Monday~ Orange chicken, rice, broccoli (using chicken nuggets, but borrowing the sauce from Sunny Anderson) this is a carryover from last week
Tuesday~ Breakfast for dinner (one of our faves)
Wednesday~ Hubby has class, so ds#3 and I will figure it out when we get there...
Thursday~ Tacos and Macho Nachos!
Friday~ Pampered Chef party for me; hubby & ds#3 will fend for themselves
Saturday~ Crop all day, so I'll probably throw some chili in the crock for an easy dinner when I come home


Zonnah said...

I love having breakfast for dinner.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your menu this week. By the way, the Pasta Figioli that you posted on my site looks delish. I am definitely going to try it (will probably use crushed tomatoes given my boys' aversion to "lumps"). Thanks for placing our blog button in your sidebar!