Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last Menu of May

Last week's menu was no less crazy than the previous week, but I guess I planned it a little better because we were a little closer to target! There were still a few changes (Friday night, we went out to eat, and Saturday we ate leftovers from Friday!) but everyone ate and I guess that's the goal.

On to this week:
Sunday~ Spaghetti (which we never ate last week)
Monday~ Beef in the crockpot, rice, peas in the mini-crock after the baseball game.
Tuesday~ Cashew chicken, rice, broccoli before the baseball game.
Wednesday~ Tacos & burritos (I browned a large batch of beef on Sunday, so I'm using the other half for Mexican tonight)
Thursday~ Sandwiches and chips before the baseball game. (It's the last game of the season!!)
Friday~ Chef's Salads (this could change, as Marine Son is scheduled to come into town this weekend.)
Saturday~ I have no idea, and I'm not going to plan, because it's a long weekend and we are going to RELAX.

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Leah said...

My husband and dad are quite distressed over the lack of a menu for the days we are at home this week, and being the wicked witch that I am it is rather amusing to me. But it is kind of nice to not make a plan every so often and just go with whatever happens :)