Sunday, June 6, 2010

June is bustin' out all over!!!

Last week, I did not post a thing.
It was the last week with students at school, and even crazier than the week before.
We did eat... steaks on the grill on Monday, Aussie chicken on Tuesday, sandwiches on Wednesday, leftovers on Thursday & Friday, and burgers & hotdogs on the grill for Saturday.

So this week, we have a couple of days of post-school duties, then hubby has a workshop. I'll still have some meetings, but our official school year will be over. It isn't really like work when the kids aren't there, so this will be a very relaxing week.

Sunday~ Leftovers from the grill, baked beans, stuffed mushrooms, and chips. Team party at our local minor league baseball park this evening.
Monday~ FFYS (Fend For YourSelf). Mom has a p.m. meeting with other choral directors.
Tuesday~ Bourbon chicken (which has no bourbon), rice, salad, Parmesan Thyme rolls
Wednesday~ Pork BBQ sandwiches (cook pork in crock pot), pasta salad
Thursday~ Tacos & burritos, refried beans
Friday~ our 16th wedding anniversary. No plans - Hubs is supposed to be in a workshop all week, so we may stay in.
Saturday~ NO PLANS because I don't have to plan... I can wing it if I want because I'm OUT OF SCHOOL!!! :)

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