Saturday, June 12, 2010

The We-Have-Survived-the-School-Year-Week-One Menu

Last week went essentially according to plan, except we didn't have Bourbon chicken (we'll have it this week) and we had the same dinner two nights in a row at hubby's request: Citrus Basil chicken, fresh corn on the cob, and new potatoes from our garden. That is a big deal, as he does not ever ask for leftovers!!!

We are going out of town at the end of the week, so I'm only planning through Thursday.

Sunday~ Bourbon chicken & rice
Monday~ Rachael Ray's Texas Chili Cheese Fries (I actually have some leftover taco meat that I will 'doll' up and then add the cheese, but this recipe is the inspiration)
Tuesday~ Club sandwiches, pita chips & hummus (this is the kind my hubby likes, but we're experimenting with several flavors right now)
Wednesday~ Chicken Pesto Pasta (I use milk instead of cream, and make pesto with the abundance of basil in our garden!)
Thursday~ Out to dinner with my dad and my sister to celebrate Father's Day with him
Friday~ traveling...
Saturday~ there...

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Leah said...

Sounds like you have an awesome garden already :) I don't have room for corn or potatoes and they wouldn't be ready until August even if I did. I have super garden envy right now!