Saturday, April 9, 2011

April has arrived.... our menus....

Well, I did not get around to posting our menus last week, but here's what we had:

  • Chicken and baby bellas with sauteed spinach (from our garden). Made a yummy sauce with Philly's Italian Cheese and Herb Creme. Yummo (and hubs loved it too)!
  • Sticky Chicken with collards (from our garden), mac'n'cheese also for ds#3.
  • Dinner out (once with grandparents and once for just us)
  • Leftovers
Yes, folks, you read it right...

Hubby reached a milestone in his weight loss, and he decided he wanted to treat himself to pizza for one night. So, we went to a family-owned local pizzeria and had the most SCRUMPTIOUS margherita pizza we've had in a while. Because it's been a while since we've had pizza at all.

So for this week, here's the plan:
  • A beautiful organic beef rib roast that I'll slice into steaks and grill, along with zucchini, mushrooms, and some spinach from the garden
  • Taco night with all the trimmings
  • Leftover sticky chicken with butternut squash and greens
  • Leftover rib steaks turned into salads
  • New chicken recipe: East West Barbecued Chicken, green beans

Ds#3 has been sick this weekend, so he may be eating bowls of pasta while hubby and I eat what I've planned. Or the whole week could be scratched in favor of whatever he can tolerate. But at least we've got a plan to begin with! :)


rdjhedwig said...

I am getting inspired from others that are not eating potatoes and carbs for dinner. I can do this 3rd week on no carbs unless its from almond or coconut flour. We've made a cake added a warm fruit compote and a little creme fraiche. Yum

ahorne said...

It's tough, I'll admit! But it's making me be more creative, and I've lost a few pounds too. :)