Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Week-Before-Spring Break Menu

We thought it would never come.
Well, we knew it would come eventually...but it felt like it would never get here.


It's almost here and we can hardly stand it.
This week will be very busy so we'll be eating lots of leftovers and very simple meals.

Sunday~ BBQ chicken that did not get eaten last week, with coleslaw from the cabbage in our garden!!
Monday~ One of hubby's last two weeks of grad class. Ds#3 and I will go see the great-grandparents. Dinner will either be with them, or leftovers.
Tuesday~ Ds#3 goes to see Disney On Ice with the great-grands. Dinner will depend on what time he leaves.
Wednesday~ Hubs has requested breakfast for dinner. This will involve eggs, bacon, and probably waffles for ds.
Thursday~ Hubby has a meeting so dinner will be late. Once again, leftovers.
Friday~ GOOD FRIDAY. Lately, Hubs is loving this grilled shrimp & spinach salad from Applebee's, so we will try to recreate it with the spinach from our garden.
Saturday~ We will try our hand at smoking a ham.... let you know how it goes!
Sunday~ EASTER!!! Celebrating with the fam at my parents' house.

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