Saturday, July 16, 2011

July Menu #3

We switched things around this week.... again... but that's okay.
I thawed the turkey and roasted it on Friday, so instead of having the Eggplant Rollatini on Saturday, we had turkey.  We've also got butternut squash in our garden, so I picked a couple and made a butternut squash casserole kind of like this one, and I put a streusel topping on it (brown sugar, pecans, etc...yummmm.).

So this week:
Sunday~ Leftover turkey, butternut squash, collards (cucumbers for me)
Monday~ I may attempt the Rollatini tonight, with optional pasta for non-adventuresome types.
Tuesday~ Pesto chicken (I will make pesto from the abundance of basil in our garden), tomato mozzarella melts (which we did not have last week), and Garden Delight noodles that I love from Ronzoni (they help me get veggies into my child when he resists them in their natural form!!)
Wednesday~ Layered taco dip, quesadillas
Thursday~ BLT wraps
Friday~ Burgers (preferably on the grill, if hubby feels like it; if it's too hot outside, I'll just cook them on the stove), mini ears of corn on the cob
Saturday~ Omelets, bacon

I'm finding that lunchtime is a trouble spot for in order to prevent a trip out to lunch every day, I'm concocting a plan.  Sandwiches are a no-go, since hubs is limiting carbs, so I've got to be a little more creative!  Here are my thoughts, and I'd love to read yours...
  • Salads (topped with tomatoes, cukes, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, and various lunchmeats)
  • Leftovers (which works on an extremely limited scale)
  • Meatballs with various combinations (tomato sauce, peppers & onions, perhaps pasta)
So we'll see how this works.  If we do each option twice, that puts us in good shape.  Lunch for ds & me is much easier since I can include pasta and wraps (chicken nuggets are always a fave!), so we'll see how this works for my man.

Get some menu inspiration at Menu Plan Monday!

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