Saturday, August 6, 2011

August Menu #2

First... you should check out this calendar of food celebrations in August.  So fun!
We've had a great time celebrating Ice Cream Sandwich Day, and Rootbeer Float Day, and we look forward to S'mores Day this week!

Next, a quick review of our week:
Tuesday, ds#3 spent the night with a friend, so hubby and I had a chance for a date night.  Which we thoroughly enjoyed.
Wednesday, we had sandwiches at a church supper.
Friday, we were invited to have dinner with friends, so I didn't have to cook at all!
Which brings us to this week!

We are getting back into school-time routines, as hubs & I return to work next week.

Not that we ever truly left it.
We've both been working at school all summer.


The plan:
Sunday~ Bruschetta chicken (I'm using leftover grilled chicken and adding the topping to make it something 'new'), Low-carb linguine, tossed salad, and cheese crisps
Monday~ Roast in the crock pot with gravy, green beans, whole wheat egg noodles, and more salad  Hubs declared he did not want roast so we are having chef salads!
Tuesday~ Hubs has a dinner meeting, so it's leftovers for ds#3 and me Hubs decided to have dinner with us instead of at the meeting (he went later) so we had stuffed peppers and ds#3 had noodles.
Wednesday~ Eggplant parm with the eggplant from the garden. Earlier this summer I attempted freezing cucumbers as this recipe for cucumber salad shows, and we're going to see how successful we are with it.  (We know it's good after marinating for a day, but I'm a little skeptical about thawing...)
Thursday~ Tacos and taco salad
Friday~ Strata (that we did not eat last week), bacon, strawberries, and perhaps trying these watermelon lime slushies
Saturday~ Probably leftovers of some sort.  Or something else.  TBA.


ohkeeka said...

Ooh, eggplant parm. I need to do that with my eggplant. And watermelon lime slushies! *swoon*

BTW, the captcha for my comment is "taters." Maybe I'm easily amused today, but that made me laugh. :)

Keli said...

Your menu sounds great! Hubs and I are hoping for a date night this week - we haven't had one in two months! I can't wait to check out the calendar of food celebrations. That sounds like so much fun!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your easy dinner ideas!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to your husband and sons...and my SIL the Marine! I am visiting Beaufort, SC from California. It's hot! Getting ideas for dinners that don't involve the oven!