Sunday, August 28, 2011

The last week of August/start of September menu

We never had our Bourbon Chicken last week, and on Saturday I scored some great deals on reduced meat, so we grilled.  We'll be eating some of those throughout the week.

The lunchbox menu worked pretty well too!!

Sunday~ Steaks (from Sat) on the grill, stuffed mushrooms, tossed salad

Monday~ Pork BBQ (from the crock pot), baked beans, mac'n'cheese
  Lunchbox: PB&J, juice, fruit snacks, cheese stick, choc chip cookie

Tuesday~ Omelets (we haven't had them yet either)
  Lunchbox: Lunchable

Wednesday~ Leftover hamburgers, hotdogs & sausages
  Lunchbox: Slim Jim, cheese sticks, milk box, granola bar

Thursday~ Out to eat with a friend at our fave local Mexican restaurant
  Lunchbox: PB&J, cheez-its, juice, choc chip cookie

Friday~ Something easy, but I'm not sure what yet...
  Lunchbox: Lunchable

Saturday~ Out to eat with the fam (it's my birthday!)

Woo Hoo!!!  Labor Day Weekend.... we're going to ENJOY it.
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