Sunday, April 21, 2013

It doesn't slow down! April Menu #4

Life is running full steam ahead, and it isn't going to slow down until school is out at the end of May!

I've been hunting for a source of local grass fed meat, and I have found it - at our Farmers Market!  It has grown so much over the past two years, and anything that we don't grow in our garden, I can find fresh there.  Yum!

On Saturday, we made cheeseburgers with some of the beef I got at the Farmers Market.  I could definitely taste a difference.  It wasn't a good or bad difference - it was just different.  The cheeseburgers were great and we plan to have them again!

So this week?
Sunday~ Whole roast chicken (Farmers Market), roasted potatoes & green beans (in the pan with the chicken).  This is actually the first time I've *ever* roasted a whole chicken...I'm a little nervous about it!
Monday~ Tacos with our grass-fed beef.  May also try tostadas with some leftover roast that I need to get eaten.
Tuesday~ Scout night: leftover chicken with pasta, salad with lettuce from the garden
Wednesday~ Breakfast for Dinner.  We never got to it last week.
Thursday~ Leftovers, or sandwiches for supper (if there are no leftovers)
Friday~ Roast in the crockpot, mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli from the garden
Saturday~ Leaving it open :)

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