Saturday, June 8, 2013

The week before HAWAII... and our 'use-it-up' menu

Next Monday, we will fly out to see our Marine Son who just happens to be stationed in Hawaii!!!!  We are terribly excited to see him, but also looking forward to a great adventure in a place we would otherwise never go.  So this week, we are using up all the perishable food... which will probably lead to some interesting meals.

The plan:

Sunday~ Blackeyed peas (from last year's garden), cucumber salad (cukes from a friend), zucchini fries (my son's new fave - yea for veggies!!!), fried green tomatoes
Monday~ Leftover spaghetti.  I may also make some pesto with our abundant basil, just to stretch the sauce for the pasta.  I will probably also make a Potato Torte for lunches during the week.
Tuesday~ Our 19th wedding anniversary!  Hubby & I will be enjoying a dinner out.
Wednesday~ Chili.  I have some taco meat that needs to be used up, and this is a good way to convert it into something interesting.  Plus my guys like it!
Thursday~ Breakfast for dinner.  We have a ton of farm eggs that I will use up, along with the potatoes that will not last for another 10 days.  We'll add bacon and perhaps some grits and call it dinner.
Friday~ If there are any leftovers, we will have those.  If not, I'll make sausage with peppers & onions for hubby, and ds#3 and I will probably have pasta.
Saturday~ Unless we have a bunch of ripe veggies by that time, everything should be used up.  We'll probably order pizza or go to our local Mexican fave.

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