Sunday, March 9, 2014

March Menu Madness

Wow... it's March.
My last post was the end of January - that should tell you how crazy life has been!
My guys have been sick, really sick.  They are both having minor surgery at the end of this week.
I had to prepare my own choir, and organize our district Music Performance Assessment.
We hired a new guy at work.  Which is great to have a pair of hands to help, but also requires more details on what to do each day.
So.  Now it's March.
And this week?
Well, it's pretty busy too.

Sunday~ lead worship at church.  Out to lunch after with friends.  Burgers on the grill for dinner.  Hubs will also grill a beef tenderloin for dinner on Monday.
Monday~ Beef tenderloin that was grilled Sunday, mashed potatoes, sauteed swiss chard
No garden yet, but our swiss chard in pots is doing great!

Tuesday~ daytime performances at school.  Bourbon chicken (which has no bourbon in it), rice, broccoli (from last spring's garden, in the freezer)
Wednesday~ afternoon performance at school. Either leftover pizza from pizza party at school, or spaghetti.
Thursday~ Hubs is having his gall bladder removed.  Ds will still go to school, and I'll figure out what's for dinner based on how my husband feels.  Chicken soup is my back-up plan.
Friday~ Ds#3 is having tonsils & adenoids out.  Dinner is waaaaaaayyyyyy down on the list of importance... but I know at some point we will eat something.... probably more soup.  We are equipped with plenty of ice cream for ds.
Saturday~ I am not planning anything specific for today - both my guys will be recovering, and ds#2 is due in tonight.  I will come up with something.

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