Sunday, January 26, 2014

The last menu of January and some fun freebies!

Well, I think we're officially finished with the pantry challenge.  I was forced to go grocery shopping this weekend, so I guess we'll call it done.  All in all, I have learned that we do a decent job of using up leftovers and rotating goods in the freezer and in the pantry.  Occasionally we have leftovers that go to the refrigerator to die... that is, they never get used up.  I am going to try to keep up with that a little better.

I had already mapped out menus for the month, so I'm listing here what was planned, and noting changes that will likely occur...

Sunday, 26 - Pasta fagioli we had soup & sandwiches for lunch, and went out for a family birthday celebration
Monday, 27 - Breakfast for Dinner Spaghetti!
We are out of school for two days with the possibility of SNOW.  This is a big deal in a city that is better known for hurricanes than flurries!  And this will likely bring some changes to the menu.  We shall see...
Tuesday, 28 - Loaded Nachos (using leftover taco meat from Saturday)
Wednesday, 29 - Farfalle with sausage, tomatoes and cream (or maybe just tossed with some veg for Mom) I'm not sure what will happen on Wed - hubs has a medical procedure and we are both taking the day off.  I'll see how he feels and we'll adjust.
Thursday, 30 - Leftovers or frozen pizza
Friday, 31 - WE MADE IT!  OUT TO EAT!!!!! 

Check out Menu Plan Monday for weekly menus and inspiration!

On another note... I love FUN mail.  I especially love it when I get freebies in the mail.  This week, we are snacking on some of those freebies!!!!
I'm a BzzAgent and got an exciting package to open.  (My son couldn't wait to open it either.)

Inside, we found two full-size boxes of Fiber One Meal Bars.  Now I've eaten Fiber One Bars in the past.  Loved them.  Felt like I was eating a healthy candy bar.  However, these were advertised as "Meal Bars".  I'm not usually into meal replacements so I'll admit I was skeptical.  My son was the first to try a Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar...for breakfast.  HE LOVED IT.  This is a big deal, because my son is picky about breakfast - sometimes he wakes with an upset stomach and is pretty fussy about what he will eat.  This was perfect for him!

Next, I tried the Strawberry Greek Yogurt bar.  I love strawberries, and I love yogurt.  And I usually eat both for breakfast, either with granola or in a smoothie.  But I was running late, so I grabbed the Fiber One bar.  It's 190 calories - not too bad - and I took a bite.  Yummy!  I could taste the strawberries, and the yogurt coating made me feel like I was having a treat.  Great for rushed mornings or something on the go!

What do you do for a quick breakfast?

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