Monday, May 25, 2015

The end of school has arrived. Whew!

At first, I thought it would never come.
Then, I needed more time.
Now, I'M READY.  This is the last week of school.
It is also my baby's last week in middle school.  That part makes it hard.  I can't believe it's time for high school.
But as a teacher, I'm ready for some down time.  Yes, yes, I am.

This week is going to emotional at times, and very busy.  And we need a menu plan!!!

Sunday~ out with friends
Monday~ MEMORIAL DAY.  Hawaiian chicken with rice and green beans from our garden on the menu.  My husband is a former Marine, and he has friends that were lost while in service.  He doesn't really like to do cookouts on this day, so we hung around at home.  (Plus the weather was gross.)
Tuesday~ Spaghetti.  I'll have mine over zucchini.  And I'm on the hunt for some kind of Paleo-friendly roll that I can make to appease my men.
Wednesday~ Leftovers, or frozen pizza.  There will be plenty to choose from.
Thursday~ It's Promotion Night for our eighth graders!  We will go out with family after the ceremony.
Friday~  WOO HOO - the last day of school!!!  We are going to watch my nephews' ballgames, so we'll get something out.
Saturday~ TBA... maybe something on the grill if the weather clears out.

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