Sunday, May 3, 2015

May's Menu...and the end of middle school...

This is a bittersweet time - our youngest son is finishing his time in middle school.  With his older brothers, we were READY to get them out of middle school, but because Hubs & I have both been privileged to have our boy in our classes (a rarity, but we are the only ones who teach our subjects at our school) it's a little different.  This weekend, he had his last dance for middle school, and we chaperoned.  We got to see our students all dressed up, and it was more than a bit sad to see our boy SHAVE for the first time and get dressed for this dance.  No pics - he kept hiding - but the memories are precious.

As for our week, it will be a busy one!!
Sunday~ Hawaiian chicken with rice and broccoli (half a sweet potato instead of rice for me)
Monday~ Concert tonight.  I'll eat when I get home.  Something.  At some time.  Ds will be with me, helping set up.  The kids will have pizza beforehand.
Tuesday~ Concert #2.  Same.
Wednesday~ A night at home.  HoneyBaked Ham and Turkey.  Easy peasy.
Thursday~ Some sort of leftovers at the house and there are lots - ham/turkey, chicken, twice baked potatoes, lasagna.  Take your pick.
Friday~ I have a meeting about an hour away.  The boys will fend for themselves.  They'll come up with something.  I'll provide options... and they'll probably go out to eat.  :)
Saturday~ The day that my mom, sis, grandmother & I celebrate Mother's Day together.  We will probably eat lunch out, and return home just before dinner.

Our garden is coming along nicely - I picked these babies on Saturday!  There aren't enough to make anything yet, so I'll freeze them until more ripen... I see a blueberry cobbler in our future.

We also picked a handful of green beans, and one ripe cherry tomato.  So exciting!!

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