Monday, April 27, 2015

April Showers... and our menu

Boy, has the rain been coming in the last two weeks, and we're in for more rain this week! I can't wait to see those May flowers. :)
It's been good for the garden; see these beauties I picked this weekend?

We've had kale chips and Swiss chard galore.  Our cherry tomatoes have tiny green babies on them.  I love our garden!

Hubs has been sick for the past several days - brought on, I suspect, by stress and POLLEN.  Oh my word - it's everywhere.  Even people who don't normally deal with allergies have had issues with it.  So when I got a BzzKit from BzzAgent for a free coupon for Red Baron Brick Oven Pizza, I knew my man would enjoy it.  (Because, you know, as my 14 year old says, when you're sick, you want what you want.)

Sunday, ds & I went to church and Hubs stayed home.  We picked up our free pizza on the way back - we couldn't decide which one, so we got two!

The guys decided they liked the three meat AND the cheese pizza equally.  The flavor was good ('but not really "BRICK OVEN" pizza like a restaurant' said my pizza-picky husband.  'But it's still good.')  It was a quick and easy lunch; they easily polished off the two pizzas (I had a salad!).  I also gave my sister a coupon and she was thrilled.  I'm curious to hear her experience - to see if her boys liked it as well as mine did.

Here's the plan for the rest of this week:
Monday ~ leftover roast and mashed potatoes with broccoli
Tuesday ~ Taco salad and macho nachos
Wednesday ~ Hubs' last night of bowling; ds & I will fend for ourselves....
Thursday ~ baked chicken with savoy cabbage (from our garden - this is an experiment!!), twice-baked potatoes
Friday ~ out to dinner.  Payday! :)
Saturday ~ Ds#3's last dance of middle school... lots of buddies coming over for pizza beforehand

Hope you have a great week... stop by Menu Plan Monday to get more menu inspiration!

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