Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Week-After-Thanksgiving menu... and here comes December

Last week's menu worked pretty well -
Friday was amended slightly (we had Pasta Fagioli soup in the crock) and Saturday was a family seafood fest...but other than that, it went according to plan.

This week, as usual, we'll be busy, and it'll be cold, so here's a hearty menu to go with the weather.

Sunday~ beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes, gravy with mushrooms, swiss beans
Monday~ I had planned ravioli, but it's supposed to rain. We'll have leftover Pasta Fagioli instead.
Tuesday~ ds#3 begins a new baseball clinic every Tuesday evening. We'll make it quick with Cole's Ravioli Dinner, which I scored for a whopping $3.99.
Wednesday~ BBQ chicken in the crock pot (only with bone-in chicken breasts), mac'n'cheese, baked beans in the mini-crock, and cornbread
Thursday~ Breakfast for Dinner: Waffles (using up some leftover sweet potatoes), eggs, bacon
Friday~ Red Beans & Rice with sausage
Saturday~ we didn't have enough leftover turkey for sandwiches, so hubby is requesting a turkey! It'll be roast turkey with stuffing & gravy, and hopefully a salad from the lettuce growing in our raised beds!

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Your plan sounds yummy indeed!
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