Sunday, November 14, 2010

November Menu #3

We have a plan so that there's something in place...
so that we aren't subject to the whims of the day...
so that we don't break the bank going out to eat.

That said, we did not do such a terrific job of FOLLOWING the plan last week!
Wednesday, we ended up with leftovers (which was fine, because there were plenty); Thursday, hubby & I went out because ds#3 was at a local airshow with my dad & brother; Friday, we had spaghetti, and Saturday was out to dinner for my brother-in-law's birthday.

So here's to a new week, and a new plan.

Sunday~ Turkey (Publix has them on sale for .59/lb, which is the cheapest I've seen in a while), stuffing, homemade gravy, butternut squash gratin
Monday~ Open-faced turkey sandwiches (use leftover turkey & gravy), chips
Tuesday~ French onion soup, grilled cheese sandwiches
Wednesday~ Red beans & rice (that we didn't eat last week)
Thursday~ Dear Son has a musical at school - we'll go out to eat afterward
Friday~ Pizza from the freezer
Saturday~ TBA... probably leftovers or something simple to clean out the fridge in preparation for next week!

What's cookin' in your casa?

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