Sunday, February 20, 2011

February menu: week 4... week 3 of the diet!

We hardly followed last week's plan at all.
It's an adjustment for all of us as hubby learns a new way of eating, and it's a bit of a challenge for me. I'm a carb-lover, and he's a protein-lover, by nature. This new lifestyle requires him to eat lots of protein, and I don't want to tempt him with the carbs, so I'm moderating what I eat as well.
And let me tell ya, it's not easy!

So I had him make a list of foods he wanted this week in an effort to plan FAMILY meals, and not just "make-sure-that-everyone-is-fed" meals.

Sunday~ GRILL!!! We grilled steaks, sausage, and hamburgers, and ate steaks for dinner.
Monday~ Hubs has class. But he *will* be hungry when he comes home, so I will be ready with meatballs for him. Ds#3 has baseball practice, so when we get home, it'll be pasta or chicken nuggets from the freezer.
Tuesday~ Meatza for hubby (like pizza but with meat as the 'crust'), meat sauce with mushrooms and spaghetti squash for me, and genuine pasta for ds :)
Wednesday~ Stir fry veggies with chicken. Add rice for ds.
Thursday~ Hamburgers from the grill, reheated in the oven, topped with cheese. No bun for hubs. Veggies on the side for me.
Friday~ Sausage with peppers for hubby, and I'm not sure what for ds#3 and me. (I'd entertain any ideas you may have...)
Saturday~ TBA, based on this week's doctor visit!

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