Sunday, March 6, 2011

And here comes March... another menu!

Well, we *did* eat last week; I just didn't get around to posting it.

This protein-heavy diet is working well for my husbands weight loss, but it is tough to plan family-friendly menus around it. We are all eating a little less, which is not a bad thing, but my whole method of menu planning has had to change.

Traditionally, I plan a protein, a starch, and at least one non-starchy veggie.
But now... the starches have pretty much disappeared. At least for now.
They may reappear.
About 100 pounds into our future (however long that takes).
So for now, ds#3 and I are enjoying our starches when Dad is not around, so we don't tempt him.

The plan for this week:
Sunday~ Marinated chicken breasts stuffed with spinach, parmesan and feta, served with green beans w/almonds and rice for ds#3
Monday~ Hubby has class. Leftover burgers & dogs from the grill.
Tuesday~ Taco salad (seasoned ground beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese, sour cream)
Wednesday~ Alice Springs chicken (I'll make mine in the crockpot, and serve with rice for ds#3)
Thursday~ Fend For Yourself night
Friday~ out to eat with Marine Son
Saturday~ French onion soup and roast

So... if anyone out there has great success or ideas for continuing on this eating plan, I'd love to hear from you! Fat intake is also monitored, so it's not quite an Atkins plan, but I can usually adjust those recipes.

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