Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas is coming... the goose is getting fat!

Last week, I mapped out a plan for us up until Christmas Vacation begins.
(WOO HOO!!!!)
I also made homemade donuts, using this recipe form the Pioneer Woman.  (But I baked them instead of frying.)  They got two thumbs up from ds#3.

Then, hubs announced his plan to go back to a protein-heavy diet, which makes it challenging with some of the menus I've got planned.
So... we'll probably have some revisions, but here's where we stand.
4~ Nachos (use leftover taco meat from Wed)5~ Breakfast for Dinner
6~ **CONCERT NIGHT**  Pasta Fagioli in crockpot
(prepare pasta separately; combine to serve)    
7~ Pepper Steak, rice
8~ Leftovers    **CONCERT NIGHT**
9~ Frozen Pizza  this already got taken from the freezer, so I'll have to come up with some other marvelous idea...
10~ Chili Mac     **Christmas Parade**

It's a very busy week, but having a plan makes it much easier.  This time next week, all of my pressing duties will be over, and I'll feel like I'm on vacation already!  

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