Sunday, December 25, 2011

From Christmas to New Years Eve... our menu

What a Christmas...

Airman Son arrived on Friday evening just in time to have dinner with our extended family - grandparents, great-grandparents, and aunt, uncle, and nephews.  It was amazing to have him home.

The weather was rainy, in the 70s, and very un-Christmas-like.  But on Saturday...
...ds#3 got a letter from Marine Son.

As soon as he found out he had mail, he raced to get it, and sat down immediately to read it.  He loves his big brother.  AND... his brother loves him.  It's enough to make a mama teary.  Then, as soon as he'd finished the letter, Marine Son called!  He was overjoyed.  It was almost more than he could stand.

It's now Christmas evening, and everyone is enjoying their presents while Mom & Dad relax.  Here's our plan for this week:

Sunday~ Merry Christmas!!  Ham, roasted potatoes, Swiss beans, fried okra (Airman Son's fave), crescent rolls (another fave). Chocolate cake, apple cherry pie, and ice cream pie for dessert.  Very full!!!

Monday~ Shopping day with my nieces.  We'll have leftovers for dinner.

Tuesday~ Greek Fest!  Because we haven't had enough to eat yet.  My brother and nieces are in town, and we'll pull out some Greek delicacies that we've purchased to enjoy a feast: moussaka, pastitso, tiropeta, Greek salad, and some grilled chicken for non-Greek fans.

Wednesday~ Lunch at a wonderful seafood restaurant before my brother & nieces head back out of town.  We did this last year and it was scrumptious, but we were so full that no one was hungry for dinner, so I'm not planning any.

Thursday~  Ina Garten's ham and cheese in puff pastry, tossed salad.

Friday~ French onion soup (that I've planned several times, but we've not eaten it yet), potato bacon torte

Saturday~ Undecided yet - probably Mexican, with a family movie night planned

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