Monday, December 12, 2011

The week that school gets out!!! Menu...

Last week's menu went fairly well, as I resisted hubs's advances to go out to eat until Friday - I could hold him off no longer.

Ds#3 and I did make sugar cookies on Sunday night.

11~The bowling tournament that would never end resulted in a trip for pizza.
12~ Meatballs, with either tomato sauce & noodles, or brown gravy, mashed potatoes & broccoli
13~ Out to eat then shopping with ds#3 (part one of History Fair for Dad)
14~ Quesadillas (ds#3's fave)
15~ Out to eat with the fam after ds#3's Christmas play! (part two of History Fair)
16~ Hamburgers & hotdogs....

**campout in the living room**
17~ Turkey rice soup, sandwiches

Come share your menu marvels at Menu Plan Monday!

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