Friday, March 23, 2012

REAL cheese from a REAL farm

During this Spring Break week, I've done several things:

  • cleaned and sanitized the house due to ds#3's strep throat
  • shopped with my sister and had lunch at Lambert's (a splurge but so fun)
  • had a date night with hubby (mmmm...Athenian Chicken!)
  • and bought real cheese made with raw milk from a nearby farm

We visited the Sweet Home Farm this week, and all of us had so much fun.  We sampled all kinds of cheeses, ate some "Cheese Fudge", and brought lots home (as you can see).  Ds#3 perked up by the end of the week, and since he's had several days on antibiotics, he's no longer contagious, so we ventured out.  The weather was not beautiful, but we were so excited that we didn't care.

We've not really stuck to our menu plan this week, which doesn't surprise me, since ds#3 was sick and didn't have much appetite.  But we've had some adventures in spite of it, and I  can't wait to enjoy this luscious cheese in our meals this week!

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