Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Menu!

It's full steam into March.
Isn't it amazing how time can seem to pass so slowly, then suddenly it's racing ahead?

We've had lots of cloudy, rainy, dreary weather this week.  But it seems like it's benefitted these guys...

This week, we joined SCOUTS!
So... on the night of our scout meeting, hubs wanted to go out to eat, and that pushed everything down a day.  On Saturday, it rained ALL DAY, and the temperature fell as it rained, so I decided it was a good day for soup.
Hubby is a sausage lover, so I made this Sausage and White Bean stew with Kale, from Better Homes & Gardens.  He loved the smokiness of the sausage in the stew, and the addition of kale was a new adventure for us!

On to this week:
Sunday~ BBQ chicken, baked potatoes, tossed salad, and loaded biscuits (with bacon and cheese)
Monday~ Beef tips and mushrooms with gravy, egg noodles, green beans
Tuesday~ Taco night!
Wednesday~ ds#3 is making dinner (with help, of course...) Chicken noodle soup with leftover biscuits from Sunday
Thursday~ Roast in the crock pot, mashed potatoes & gravy
Friday~ Spaghetti
Saturday~ Housewarming for my grandparents (their house burned a year ago, and we are celebrating their return!)

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