Sunday, March 18, 2012

SPRING BREAK!!!!!!! (and our menu...)

Oh what a relief it is to finally make it to Spring Break...
We've had some absolutely beautiful weather the past three days, and hubs has done lots of work getting our seedlings into the garden.  We are going to have serious produce!!! :)
Which is a good thing, because I've decided to try to eliminate (or at least minimize) processed foods from our diet.

Honestly, I make most of our food from scratch, so processed foods like boxed dinners, etc., do not make an appearance in our kitchen.  But we DO drink a lot of sweet iced tea (hey, we live in the south) and I use Splenda.  Which is highly processed.
There's that.
(And it's going to be challenging to give that up.)
I *am* going to look into growing Stevia.

Also this week, ds#3 has a marvelous case of strep throat.
So I have been boiling washing all the linens in the house...and sanitizing everything...hoping he doesn't share.

So the plan for the menu looks something like this:
Sunday~ Taco salad using the romaine lettuce from our garden (ds did not eat at all)
Monday~ Breakfast for Dinner
Tuesday~ Sticky chicken, collards, baked potatoes, cornbread (never made it last week)
Wednesday~ DATE NIGHT!  Hubby and I are going out - woo hoo!
Thursday~ Spaghetti & garlic bread (ds#3 is scheduled to cook, but we'll see how he feels)
Friday~ Top your own pizza night
Saturday~ TBD... probably something from the grill

I'd love to hear from any of you who are trying to use less processed foods and more whole foods in your menus.

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