Sunday, April 15, 2012

April Menu #3

We've got a busy week....
it's standardized testing week (which all the teachers love as much as the students do...)
Hubs and ds#3 go camping this weekend
and Mom has a meeting after school too.

But here's the plan:

Sunday~ Teriyaki Chicken, brown rice, 'frenched' green beans (didn't get to it last week)
Monday~ meeting night... Fend For YourSelf
Tuesday~ Taco salad (Scouting night)
Wednesday~ Hamburgers, cole slaw, roasted potatoes
Thursday~ Turkey breast, stuffing, tossed salad (using lettuce from our garden)
Friday - Saturday~ boys are camping!!

When they camped last month, they wanted to come home and go out to eat.  It was a disappointment for them, so I think I'll have a cozy home-cooked meal ready & waiting for their return. :)

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dddiva said...

So jealous of your garden lettuce, enjoy your salad. Your menu sounds great, all things we like around here.