Sunday, April 29, 2012

What a week... and I'm not even kidding...

Last week slapped me in the face and left me staring into the sky looking for answers.

My husband had an 'episode' at school that required us to call an ambulance, and when all was said and done, tests were run, blood was taken, doctors consulted, we had no answers.
Not a single explanation for what happened.

He displayed stroke-like symptoms, but after running every test they had, the hospital found no evidence of any injury, scarring, blockage, or 'episode'.  Every result was totally normal.

Don't get me wrong - I am sooooooooooo grateful that I'm not sitting in a doctor's office examining a scan of my husband's brain and having an abnormality pointed out to me.  He looks and acts normal - walking, talking, eating, laughing...
I want to know what happened.
I need a name to call it.
I want to make sure it doesn't happen again.
And I'm not in a comfortable place with it.

To make life even MORE exciting, I have to go out of town this weekend for our annual music department trip to Orlando.  I am taking 100+ middle schoolers to Disney, and all the while, I'll be thinking of my husband.


So, this week, the plan is to get through the week.
That's it.
And that will be enough.

Sunday, I made Rachael Ray's roasted squash chili mac recipe.  I had these on the counter that needed to be used or I used them.
Monday, teachers are bringing food for my family after everything that has happened.  This will be a welcome blessing, and will probably carry us through the week.
Tuesday, we'll either have leftovers or frozen pizza.
Wednesday, we'll do a chicken casserole that friends brought over.
Thursday through Saturday, I'll be out of town, so the guys will be on their own.  They'll find something from the goodies that our friends bring, or they'll hit the local Mexican restaurant.  Either way, they will not starve.

And we'll get through it.

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