Monday, June 25, 2012

June Menu the swing of Summer

Last week, we did MUCH better on the menu plan, which makes Mama happy!
The only real change was on Wednesday - we were scheduled to grill burgers & dogs, and when Marine Son and Hubby returned from their ballgame adventure, they were too tired and exhausted to deal with the grill.  So, we ordered some meat from a local BBQ place, and I whipped up the sides, and we had dinner.

On that evening, I also conducted an experiment of sorts, with my family.  We are known for grazing - we love a good 'appetizer' to munch on!  So, I made a variation on a ranch dip recipe, and put out pita chips (which I knew they'd devour), cucumber slices (from the garden), and baby carrots.  The pita chips were gone first, followed closely by the cukes, and then the carrots.  Which demonstrated to me that if VEGGIES are what we have to choose, then we *WILL* choose them (as opposed to leaving them alone).  Lesson learned: put out more veggies!

So, here's our plan for this week:
Sunday~ Chili made from Saturday's leftover taco meat.  Yum!  Homemade pico de gallo to go with it.
Monday~ working up at school, so the crockpot comes to the rescue... Stuffed peppers and spaghetti, zucchini chips
Tuesday~ Sausage with peppers, onions & mushrooms, red beans & rice
Wednesday~ local baseball game...realistically, we will probably eat there, but I'll have some sort of snack at the house before we go.
Thursday~ History Fair reception at a downtown museum for ds#3...we'll be going out.
Friday~ Pesto Chicken Pasta, Caprese Salad (the tomatoes are coming in with a vengeance now!)
Saturday~ Burgers & Dogs on the grill!

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