Saturday, August 11, 2012

Officially back-to-work menu

This week, teachers go back to work.  We don't have students yet, but we'll be plenty busy with meetings and preparing to greet our kids.

Last week's menu worked pretty well, with the exception of a couple days.  I needed some emergency dental work done, so we adjusted, and some things will carry over to this week.

Sunday~ leftovers for lunch; burritos for dinner
Monday~ Pioneer Woman's Chili (I made a double batch earlier in the month, so I'll pull it from the freezer)
Tuesday~ FFYS...Mom's got a meeting and the guys have scouts
Wednesday~ Taco night
Thursday~ Chicken with mushroom gravy, whole wheat egg noodles, salad
Friday~ Potato Torte, salad
Saturday~ Eggplant parmesan

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BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

It's been awhile but 'm stopping by for a visit from Organizing Junkie today.
It's another 107 degree day in Las Vegas. Man! Am I looking forward to cooler temps. Unfortunately, we don't usually start cooling down till late September or October.
Your menu for the week sounds delicious!
Best wishes for a successful school year!