Sunday, August 19, 2012

The kids are coming...August Menu #3

Our students are back at school this week.  If last week's orientation is any indication, we're going to be swamped!

Last week went mostly according to plan, but toward the end of the week, we discovered that lightning zapped our garage door opener and our telephone.  And, I think, our oven.  It's not turning off unless I flip the breaker. :(

Here's what's cookin' this week:
Sunday~ Meatballs with brown gravy and mashed potatoes for lunch, leftovers for dinner
Monday~ Frozen pizza to wrap up our first day with students!
Tuesday~  Chicken Pesto Pasta (Scouts night)
Wednesday~ Taco night!
Thursday~ Leftovers/Sandwiches (hubs has class tonight)
Friday~ Out to dinner @Olive Garden with a gift card.  YUM! (And a nice way to end our first week)
Saturday~ Crockpot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans

I made some homemade Chocolate Cookie Dough Larabars for lunches.  My son loves these, but they are pricey!  These are a perfect homemade treat, and he (and my husband) like them just as well, if not better than the store-bought version!  I also made a chocolate cake - one for my house and one for my parents.  My mom was in the hospital this week, so that's her treat for coming home!

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